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591 Series Thermacore Door


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When your project requires a sectional door with an exceptional degree of thermal efficiency, the Thermacore® Sectional Steel Door Model 591 is a proven performer. The Thermacore® steel-polyurethane-steel panel construction provides a thermal barrier that withstands extreme climatic conditions and the most demanding environmental requirements. 



R Value: 14.86

U Value: .07

Thermal Break: PVC

Air Infiltration: at 15mph .08 cfm/ft2, at 25 mph .08 cfm/ft2


Panel Thickness: 1-5/8"

Max Height: 24' 1"

Max Width: 35' 2"

Exterior Steel: .015" galv.

Exterior Surface: Ribbed, Textured

Standard Springs: 10,000 Cycle

Panel Options
Ribbed, Textured.JPG
Secton Info.JPG

Ribbed, Textured Panel

Color Options









Trinar White.JPG

Trinar White

Trinar Beige.JPG

Trinar Beige

Trinar Brown.JPG

Trinar Brown

Window Options
25x12 Double Thermal Acrylic.JPG

Double Thermal Acrylic 12" x 12"

Alumimum Sash Sec. DSB Glazing.JPG

Aluminum Sash Section with DSB Glazing

24x7 DSB Insulated.JPG

Insulated DSB 24" x 7"

Door Features

Strong, Lightweight, Attractive and Durable.
 Thermacore® 591 sectional steel doors feature roll-formed, hot-dipped galvanized steel exterior panels designed for exceptional strength and sound suppression capabilities. Wind load design available for usage in high-wind conditions. Two coats of baked-on, polyester paint on a ribbed, textured exterior surface provide a handsome finish that will last for years. Our industry-leading 10-year limited warranty against delamination means that we’ll stand behind the quality of our doors at the outset and for the long haul.

Superior Field Serviceability.
 Thermacore® has a special internal construction which allows hinges to be placed anywhere along the panel’s length permitting customization on the job site — for fast and precise installation, repair or retrofit.

Built With the Best Technology in the Business.
 This sectional steel door is manufactured using Overhead Door Corporation’s proprietary, computer-controlled fabrication process. This advanced technology ensures adherence to the industry’s strictest product tolerances and results in an exceptionally well-built door for outstanding thermal efficiency and longlasting performance.

Many Options, Better Solutions.

 The Thermacore® sectional steel door model 591 fits openings up to 35'2" (10.7 m) wide and 24'1" (7.3 m) high. A full line of electric operators ensures precise and trouble-free motor operation in a variety of mounting options (side, center or trolley). Available options include aluminum sash section, thermal glazing, pedestrian pass door, impact panel, and jamb weatherstripping. Optional high-usage components expand the versatility of the 591 to high-cycle conditions, with torsion springs in 25k, 50k, 75k or 100k cycles, a solid-steel shaft to reduce fatigue and deflection, and a heavy-duty 3" (76 mm) steel track for added durability.

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