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Timer to Close Module

Provides an automatic door closing feature that is easily installed and automatically recognized by the operator system.


The Timer to Close feature can be selected to start when the door is opened from inputs such as the open button on the wall control, optional radio control input or auxiliary open input via an optional device. The module is installed in the operator electronic box and connects to the main circuit board through an expansion port connector.​


- User-selectable time delay


- Timer hold input


- Auxiliary open input

- Auxiliary reversing inputs


Auxiliary Output Module

Expand the features of your X-Series Commercial Operator to integrate with other devices such as lights, monitoring systems and more with the Auxiliary Output Module.


This optional component board provides dry relay contacts at door limit positions, as well as lamp output contacts and a selectable Americans with Disabilities Act output to sound a horn or run a flashing light. The module is installed in the operator electric box and connects to the main circuit board through an expansion port connector.​


- ​Allows for integration into other devices (lights, horns, monitoring systems


- Multiple relay contact points (up limit, down limit, mid-stop limit)


Monitored Edge Interface Module

The UL 325 2010 compliant Monitored Edge Interface Module allows the operator to monitor the sensing edge; providing advanced safety and security to the door system.

This module serves as an interface between two-wire monitored sensing edges and our X-Series operators. The module installs easily and is automatically recognized by our operators. 


- Allows the operator to monitor the sensing edge


- Available for the following operators: RHX, RSX, RMX & CDX



​​​​​​​Overhead Door™ commercial radio transmitters ​are available in the same frequency as your selected transmitter receiver.

One, two, three and four button transmitters work with the system and are available in frequencies of 312, 360, 380, and 390 MHz.



- Capable of operating 1-4 doors with one remote


- O/C/S transmitter available 

Bottom Sensors

Our exclusive construction contains two completely flexible, conductive contact elements separated by perforated foam. When touch-activated, the soft foam cushion inside the sensing edge compresses, causing the internal contacts to meet and immediately send an electrical signal to stop or reverse the motor.


Attached to the leading edge of motor-driven doors, our electrically activated sensing edges offer the most reliable reversing feature available.


- Reverse or Auto Stop feature

- Conforms to the floors surface creating a secure, weather-tight seal

Safety Beams

​​​​​The Safe-T-Beam® is an optional safety device that senses an obstruction and signals the operator to stop or reverse the door.

These STBs are UL325 compliant and listed to be used with our X-Series Commercial Operators.


- Constructed of durable materials to withstand the toughest environments

- Satisfies the requirement of a monitored external entrapment device and is UL325 compliant


Egress Switches

​​Push-pull button – with mushroom head for use in areas where local activation for egress is required. Optional push-pull button can be surface or flush mounted 


Test key switch – for controlled testing of the egress grille. One test key switch include with the RSX® Egress Operator ​​

Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo eye

​​​​​​This versatile, reflective photo-eye is designed to withstand the challenges of heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. This photo-eye utilizes interference reduction technology or red light technology, which reduces interference from ambient lighting and infrared sensors often encountered around industrial door openings. In addition these monitored retro-reflective photo eyes feature technology that enables these sensors to further reduce interference from reflective surfaces.  Ideal for heavy duty door applications.

​The reflector photo eye has a range working distance from 5ft. to 35ft. (1.6m to 10.6m). The operation temperature for this product is -22o F + 140o F (-30o C to +60oC). The terminal interface is monitored with 2-wire and comes with a connection cable of 6 1/2 ft. (2m), fine stranded, with a wire size of 24 (0.25mm2) AWG. The reflective photo eye comes with a polarized reflector that is placed on the opposite side of the door and is attached to the door with a snap-on installation requiring no wiring.



- UL325:2010 - Recognized photo eye

- NEMA 4X - Rated for harsh environment protection


- Heavy duty housing - Provides extra durability

-Polarized beam and high range - For maximum reliability in signal reception

- Retro-reflective technology - Is resilient to ambient light and infrared sensors

- Adjustable design - allows for installation flexibility

Fire Sentinel

The Fire Sentinel® is a UL-listed, time-delay door release device that directs a fire door’s closure in an emergency situation.

​​​The adjustable alarm time delay is factory set at 10 seconds but can be adjusted using a dipswitch to change the time for anywhere between 10-60 seconds. The auxiliary 24v DC output can be used to activate additional power devices. The Fire Sentinel comes with back-up power to avoid automatic closure during power failures. It has an ADA sounder/strobe warning before the door closes to alert people that the door is about to close. The fail-to-close safety timer gives you additional assurance of the maximum possible clo​sure. The device will cause the door to stop if there is an obstruction in its pathway. The floor-level trouble indicator provides a visual indication of trouble from the floor.


- Floor-level testing, reset and trouble indication available for ease of operation

- Intelligent operation feature recognizes when the door is closed, inhibits release to eliminate time consuming resets and prevents damage to the door

-Available in 120V AC or 24V DC for motorized or non-motorized doors

- Battery back up - Provides protection in event of a power loss

- Diagnostic capabilities via LED status lights

- 10-Second time delay on alarm

- UL 864 & NFPA 72 compliant

- Sounder/strobe alarm available

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